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Memoranda by Commissioner and District Officer transfer

Memoranda by Commissioners and District Officers on transfer

Memorandum on transfer of district charge

Every officer who leaves a district of which he has been in charge for more than a year on transfer or retirement or on leave in circumstances which make it unlikely that he will return to the district should, record for the use of his successor a careful and exhaustive memorandum containing all points of which it is important that his successor should be informed. Such remarks will be recorded in a confidential book or inanimate tube retained on a single confidential file to be kept in the District Officer’s personal confidential records.

Additions will be made by successive officers who have held charge for the prescribed term. An officer, whose tenure has not exceeded one year, should record a similar memorandum on those matters regarding which he possesses information, which should, in his opinion, be communicated to his successor.

Subject of memorandum

Subjects of which mention should be made in the memorandum, referred to in the above paragraph include:

  • The economic condition of the district with reference to the manner in which it is affected by the incidence of the revenue assessment and also with reference to the liability of different parts of the district to calamities such as famine or load and to any relief measures, such as distribution of taqavi which might have been undertaken recently.
  • Comment on the state industry and labor conditions with special reference to existing disputes the relations between employers and employees.
  • The working of the police and the state of crime in the district.
  • The working of the municipal and District Boards and other similar deputies.
  • The political situation with suitable references to persons who are particularly helpful or particularly troublesome in such matters.
  • Notes on the communal situations and any special difficulties in connection with festivals and the like.(g) The working of local institutions, such as colleges and hospitals, particularly those for which the District Officer may have special responsibility as a member of the managing committee.
  • Any special notes that may be needed on the leading personalities of the district or persons of special influence, whether for good or bad.
  • Any necessary comments on military matters in districts in which traps are stationed.
  • Necessary notes on the character and work of the district staff, particularly when the successor will be required to write confidential reports within sex months of taking over charge.

Memorandum on occasion of short leave

If a District Officer is proceeding on short leave and it in has been informed that he is likely to reposted to the same district, then his memorandum may be limited to those matters likely to require attention during his leave.

Memorandum by Commissioner on transfer of charge

A Commissioner making over charge of his office, except during short leave, should record a similar memorandum regarding his division in respect of such matter on which his successor should be informed.

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