Department of Appointment & Personnel, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Office Memorandum Numbers


O.M. No. 4813/ II.1-78, dated 6-3-78

Designation Of Departmental Heads

O.M. No. 5970/II.1-78 dated 7/7/78

Commissioners to sanction earned leave to D.Ms. up to 30 days

O.M. No. 6702 /II-1-19 /39/67 dated 2/12/77

Calling of District Magistrates to State Headquarters

O.M. No. 2690 /II-1-19 /39/67 dated 7-5-57

Visits of Commissioners to State Headquarters

O.M. No. 1233/ IIA-269 -1962 Dated 25/02/63

Discontinuance of gazette notification relating to leave and transfer of Gazetted officers

O.M. No. A-1282 / IIA-1969 Dated 10/06/59

Orders entrusting new duties to collectors to be routed through Mukhya Sachiv

O.M. No. P-3469 / IIA-33-59 Dated 28/10/60

Summoning of officers from other districts for evidence

O.M. No. 256/IIA -711- 1975 dated20/03/64 / GO No. 4279/ IIA -3359 dated Aug. 1964.

O.M. No. 325/Bureau 125/ 1975 dated 23/10/1975

Civil Officers calling on Commissioners of divisions

D.O. No. 48. Dated March 14, 1942

Visits by Judges of the High Court

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