Department of Appointment & Personnel, Government of Uttar Pradesh

U.P. Civil Service (Judicial Branch)

District Judges, Additional District Judges, Civil Judges and Munsifs

  • The U.P. Higher Judicial Service and U.P. Civil Service (Judicial Branch) constitute the judicial wing of administration in the State. The District Judges and Additional District Judges form the Higher Judicial Service. Seventh percent of the posts in this service are filled by promotion from the officers of the U.P. Civil Service (Judicial Branch) fifteen per cent are filled by appointment of officers of the U.P. Judicial Officers Service (a dying cadre ) and fifteen percent of the posts are filled by direct recruitment from practicing lawyers of not less than seven years standing Till the quota of the Judicial Officers in the service is completed thirty per cent of the vacancies will be filled in from the above service and only fifty-five per cent of the vacancies will be filled in by promotion. The U.P. Civil Service (Judicial Branch is up of Munsifs and Civil Judges. Massifs are recruited from the open market through the Public Service Commission and Civil Judges are promoted from Munsifs.

  • The High Court exercises effective control over the members of the judiciary. The power of postings transfers, leave, crossing of efficiency bar and rant of pension in respect of all the officers as also promotion of Munsifs as Civil Judges vests in the High Court by virtue of Article 235 of the Constitution of India.

  • The recruitment and other conditions of service of Additional District Judges /District Judges are regulated by the U.P. Higher Judicial Service Rules and those of Munsifs/Civil Judges by the U.P. Civil Service (Judicial Branch) Rules.

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